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Producers of Shellfish Larvae for the West Coast since 1978 


Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery is one of the largest shellfish hatcheries on the west coast. We produce oyster, clam, and mussel larvae as well as small clam and mussel seed for sale to shellfish farmers.

Larvae are produced in hatchery tanks and fed cultivated microalgae.  We adhere to all high health guidelines and all products are analyzed for disease at a certified lab. We are USDA certified for export.



Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery was started by Lee Hanson in 1978. A one building operation with seven larvae tanks, it was the first commercial shellfish hatchery to primarily produce "eyed" oyster larvae. This larvae was then sold to oyster farms in the Pacific Northwest for remote setting. The business was an immediate success, and grew rapidly, expanding into clam and mussel production.


Today we operate out of three buildings with more than 40 larvae tanks, and are one of the major suppliers of oyster larvae for the West Coast. We also supply shellfish larvae and seed to international customers as well.

Our History



We offer a diverse range of oyster, clam, and mussel larvae to serve a variety of shellfish growing needs. Download our 2022 price list for current offerings. For questions, please check out our FAQ. To place an order, please contact us.


Looking for Fresh Oysters?


Pearl Point Oysters sells first-rate oysters fresh from Netarts Bay. All oysters are harvested daily and sold directly from the bay. To purchase, contact Max Wiegardt directly at (503) 801-1816



When are Larvae Available?

Pacific Oyster larvae, diploid, and triploid are available almost every day from February through October. Clam and Mussel larvae and seed are available by order. Other species are available by order depending on permitting and health certification.

How Do I Order?

For immediate service, place orders by telephone. We can also get back to you by email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or text message.

Do You Sell Oysters to the General Public?

We do not. However, Pearl Point Oysters sells fresh oysters direct from Netarts Bay.

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